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  • In collaboration with the Religion and Biblical Languages Department at Andrews University, Jan is one of three researchers for the Beyond Beliefs study, which is investigating the attitudes young adults have towards the doctrines of the Seventh-Day Adventist church.  Details of this major research project can be found at
  • Jan is currently in the process of publishing his PhD dissertation which investigation the various afterlife views and the use of the TaNaKh in the support of the resurrection concept within the literature of Second Temple Period Judaism - The Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha.
  • He is also undertaking extensive research of accreditation requirements of undergraduate and graduate Ministry training programs globally.  He currently works as the Academic Director for The Jonathan Initiative and oversees their Academic Initiative.  The Academic Initiative is dedicated to assisting Universities and Colleges throughout the world maintain their accreditation for their ministry and religion programs.  The Initiative also provides relevant and efficacious resources and support to academics teaching these programs and students who study within them.  The Academic Initiative also funds and maintains the websites and


  • The use of the Mashal "The Treasure" in early Judaism - Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • The hierarchical structures found in the books The Life of Adam and Eve - Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Eschatology and apocalyptic visions in Qumran and early Christianity - Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Greco Roman Piadeia and Rabbinic Culture - Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  
  • The Messianic aspect of the blessing given to Joseph in Genesis 49 - Masters Thesis, Andrews University.
  • The paradox of justice in Ecclesiastes, an investigation of righteousness and wickedness - Andrews University.
  • The Biblical Law of Niddah and its Muslim parallels - Andrews University.
  • The concept of a "Chosen People" in Judaism, Christianity and Islam - Andrews University.
  • Melchizedek in the Qumran and New Testament Texts - Andrews University.
  • Daniel 11: The Tobiads and Second Temple Period Judaism - Andrews University.
  • The relationship between holiness and health in Pentateuch - Andrews University.
  • The Biblical view on premarital sex and how it applies to the present day - Andrews University.
  • The significance of the intervals in the appointed feasts in the Jewish religious year - Andrews University.
  • The message of hope and God's love illustrated through Hosea's marriage - Andrews University.


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