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Jan Age Sigvartsen is an academic specializing in Old Testament, Early Judaism, Second Temple Period Literature, and Archaeology and History of Antiquity (Ancient Near East).  He was born in Norway and speaks fluent Norwegian.  Owing to his Viking heritage, Jan enjoys traveling and it is his ambition to one day build a Viking Ship.  He also enjoys reading and like many scholars, has an extensive book collection.

Jan has lived in Norway, the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia and currently lives in Berrien Springs, Michigan USA with his Australian born wife Leanne (both are United States citizens).  They have two young sons.  While living in Israel for more than two years, Jan had the opportunity to travel extensively within the Middle East including Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Israel and study these ancient civilizations in their historical, cultural and geographical context.  He also participated in the Madaba Plains Project, excavating at Tel Hisban in Jordan.  

Jan became interested in the academic study of the Old Testament and Second Temple Period Literature through his grandfather, who also shared this interest.  Jan is the great-grandson of early 20th Century European evangelist, academic, and church administrator Vaino Kohtanen.