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DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Religion), Andrews University, Michigan, USA

Dissertation topic: The Afterlife Views and the Use of the Tanakh in Support of the Resurrection Concept in the Literature of Second Temple Period Judaism: The Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha.

Major: Old Testament Exegesis and Theology/Hebrew Bible

Minor 1 (19 credits): Jewish Studies (Second Temple Period/ Early Judaism)

Minor 2 (9 credits): Archaeology and History of Antiquity (Ancient Near East)

VISITING RESEARCH FELLOW (Jewish Studies)Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Concentration 1: Jewish studies (Second Temple Period and early Rabbinic Literature).

Concentration 2: Modern Hebrew 

MASTER OF ARTS (Religion), Andrews University, Michigan, USA

Thesis topic:  An analysis of Genesis 49:22-26 to determine if, and to what extent, there is a Messianic/Eschatological significance of the Joseph blessing as it was expressed by Jacob.  

Major: Old Testament Studies/Hebrew Bible

Minor: Jewish Studies (Second Temple Period/Early Judaism)



BACHELOR OF ARTS (Theology)Newbold College, Bracknell, England